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Your Trusted Cybersecurity Partner

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At Peloot, we stand by our promise. We guarantee the security of your company, providing airtight protection against cyber threats. Our team of experts is dedicated to staying one step ahead, employing the latest technologies and methodologies to keep your business secure.

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Managed detection and response

Get a 24/7 overview of what’s going on with your endpoints. Deal with all possible backdoors that allow hackers to get into your infrastructure and damage your business. React to threats in real time.

Penetration testing

Find and solve vulnerabilities in your infrastructure or product source code with manual penetration testing. Get a sophisticated report with all the findings and recommendations on how to plug your security gaps.

Incident response

Did hackers break into your environment and steal or encrypt your business data? Engage an emergency security team to solve incidents and recover faster. Fix cybersecurity weaknesses and prevent future incidents.

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